Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sofa's New Covers easy its ridiculous!

Here is the sofa with new covers an all its cushions - various damask cottons in cream
The big pillow is in a gorgeous textured two tone cream and taupe fabric - the flowers and leaves are all puffy and raised by the weaving process - just stunning!

This was 'before' - but when I washed the covers they shrank even further so cushion covers were too small for the feather cushions - so they became like rocks to sit on - very uncomfy!!
Underneath the Sanderson covers was eh original gold brocade on the base of the sofa - just a couple of marks to try ad get off but otherwise in really good condition and much nicer than the over tight  'colourful covers' 

Chair after recovering cushions in cream cotton damasks - with a new honey chenille cushion on the arm

This the matching chair - with it's too tight covers 
The covers were a nightmare to try and get off and on as too tight - really hurting my hands and arms............

These covers are the easiest ones I have ever made! Perfect for me with my arthritic hands and lack of strength due to the M.E. - ie I can get them on and off with great ease as NO zippers or Velcro and so easy to get on and off for washing or just changing  colours! 

This project made great use of all my cream cotton fabric stash of remnants and ends of rolls .....each cushion took a piece - so each cushion different fabric (except two in damask so just reversed the fabric sofa +ve and a -ve) 
I have enough left on the roll of linen (which I did the summer curtains with) to make a loose slipcovers on the bases of the chairs/sofas - I think! Otherwise be made in sections of different fabrics again .. will see.
I just made simple bags - side seam and bottom seam - left the ends open - sewed a flange around (could have made them tighter and made sugar bag bottoms- which would have been even easier). SO openings are at the back or bottom of the cushions and excess fabric is just tucked in like a pillow slip) So ever so easy to make - and get on/off in case of spillage or change of colour scheme! 

So nice loose fitting (so when washed they wont be to small - but did prewash all the fabric) relaxed style for the summer .......... and my poor husband says sofa now so comfy and falls asleep! zzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Plus of course recycled several old pieces of furniture that would have been taken to the dump
They were worth doing as in good shape, sprung seats, horsehair stuffed arms and all the cushions are feather
I was thrilled when took off the slipcovers to discover the original gold brocade covers - which is just a gorgeous fabric - it must have been an expensive piece when first bought!
Now to do the rest ...................

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