Friday, 1 April 2016

Ribbon Candy Scarf a new 'Sweetie Shop' design with A Woolly Tail ......................

Ribbon Candy - part of our Sweetie Shop range
Shown here elegantly worn over the shoulder
A long scarf with Sweetheart ends (but there are ten versions to choose from in the pattern) which also ahs slots all the way along so you can weave or tie it with - giving lots of ways to wear it!!
PS It is also a nifty way of stopping it sliding off, or blowing away on those windy walks along the beach or in the hills ................
This is the three colour version - wider and more slots in it than the two colour version
Another way to wear Ribbon Candy
Looping the loop!
Over the shoulder ...............
All tied up! LOL
The two colour version - slightly skinnier
But you can make them as long or as wide as you wish - the pattern gives you three options!
As usual the patterns are available FREE with yarn purchase (as a kit ) from
A Woolly Tail
Yorkshire from their website
from £5.25 to £10.50 a kit
but don't forget these match the Swizzle Stix hats - also available as kits (Yarn plus Free pattern) at
A Woolly Tail



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