Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hat designs in Wendy Aran .......................and .....

Felted wool hats in Wendy Aran - all with a felted flower brooch.
You can use the flower to pin up the brim of the hat or on your coat.
The most popular colours are those in red with a charcoal trim or a lovely deep green and the hats with a contrast stripe/border.
The nifty thing abut this design is that due to its novel design one way it is a tailored hat and the other it becomes a cloche - how nifty is that??
2 hats for the price of one!!
due to the wonderful new colours in Wendy Ramsdale wool (made by T B Ramsden) I am going to try this hat out in Ramsdale - with maybe a few new twists .... this will be fun - ready for next winter!
So watch this space ....

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