Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sitting Room - progress in house ....................

Well making progress in Sitting Room which is 14x14ft so not very big, and 3 windows (all differnt sizes and at different heights!)
Theme is to be cottagey as very low ceilings (6ft) and cosy like a snug despite 3 doorways and 2 staircases coming off the room. This will contrast nicely with tha more formal and severe drawing room
We discovered under a naff laminate floor and poor damp proofing the original Suffolk Brick flooring, all in herring bone pattern  - so we had it dug it up and had a new damp proof membrane , insulation and the bricks relaid the same way - cost a fortune - but worth it!! We had also removed a very horrible partition which took up a lot of rooma nd made it impossible to get anything up or down either stair well and an ill fitting marble hearth & mantlepiece

The  new hearth of 2 BIG slabs sandstone then a new multifuel woodburner in place on top of new hearth - replacing the one that was way too large for the opening (which we sent up to my parents for their 16thC house, which has stone walls 3 foot thick)

Note the novel paintwork was worse ................. ahh hmmmm ... Kandinsky? I think not............
The wicker basket has all waste paper and paper twists for burning and the wooden box has logs and kindling in it

New finish on lumpy wall was then applied to even out all the different periods replastering - the renewal of damp proofing - and replastering up to one metre high .................... the replatsering around the window and multiple layers paint ...flaking off making lumps n bumnps

Now with texture paint ......evening it all out and leaving a rustic farmhouse finish - floor,  new hearth and stove suitable protected! The paint finish was hard work to apply - and messy, but did a good job evening out the wall without having to have it all replasterd !

Now painted with a hand mixed peachy pink to match the restored Suffolk Brick floor (which is coloured from a soft yellow to a burnt sienna rust) . Took ages to mix ............. white and a terracotta and lost dabbing on all walls to see how it looked in different lights - 3 windows in room

I am not a great lover of pink walls - but white (my usual colour)  just doesn't work nor any pale colour (looks anaemic) ................ the house seems to need colour ................ and in places stronger colours than I usually use and pattern!! I usually use white n plain cream fabric - my books and art usually adding enough pattern colour and texture
But in this house it looks anaemic have tog et colourful!

Yet to finsih off floor - needs cleaning up then oiling for protection - and colours will glow then

Heres a pic showing the floor wet (left) and dry (right) - see how when dry colours look grey adn pastel but when wet colours are much brighter and deeper. Yett to remove the layer of cement off the bricks as a result of dry sand n mortar joints being wetted. So when that done and floor oiled with linseed it will look  brighter with deeper colours and glow  ... so I have to keep remembering that when choosing colours!

Now to make new full length curtains in a terracota damask for sitting room - temp ones ok but not right colour being a pale green sateen and short!

Then new rug, paintings, mirrors, wall hangings up ......................and whatever else will look good in there

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