Thursday, 3 February 2011

Aprons for the more Rubenesque figure ......

Well not been on here for a while ........... mixture M.E. relapse (back to sleeping all hours day and night but still fighting it) and winter ugh weather and just seizing up with the cold damp weather we have been having the past month.
However not been totally idle depsite all the hours of zonkdom!

My good friend Marianne has requested some aprons to fit her i.e. so the front would cover more than ones cleavage!
AND she helped design and order my new business cards - see pic below are they not lovely and colourful - the colours reflecting all colours of wool/fabric etc She even delivered them to me - what a sweetheart fo a friend!!

So here we have not just one but TWO new aprons designed for the more blessed figures - also desigend to be USED rather than hang on a hook in the kitchen!
Tartan Apron

One in a tartan check in blues reds and creams - match her red and grey and white kitchen - a classic one piece apron BUT with a wider but shallower bib front - extra long and wide (to cope with all the splashes) - with co-ordintaing blue trim plus adjustable neck ties and lonnnng apron strings.................... lets hope she likes it and more importantly fits her!!
The pattern should help hide all the splashes - bolognese and chocolate ..........???
Had thought of adding buttons or a dachshund applique - but know these aprons for a serious cook and will be washed and worn all the time!

Roses Apron

The second is in some fabric she threw out ( was a part made dress)  - this now re-purposed as a more girlie apron, completely reversible, with short wide bib front with apron pleated onto the waistband. Barely a scrap off abric left! Again thought of adding some tulle flower appliques on the bib .............. Looks lovely and spring/summery and cheer any summers day cooking - and Marianne can certainly cook and does with great aplomb! Makes the greatest quiche and to die for choccie biscuits/cookies.

Anyway these are trial aprons for a new line of things kitcheney - thinking of calling them
'Junos' Aprons' or 'Reubens Aprons'  something fun unless its a play on the quitessential 'Two Fat Ladies'
So any ideas welcome as brain on a short fuse at the moment!

Now I am absolutely bushed - so off to lie down and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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