Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Aprons for cooking in .....and for the more Reubenesque ladies

Been busy sewing - between major wilts with the M.E. ............... but still smiling and creating - which is the important thing!!

Little appliqued country cottage (all in patchwork and appliqued windows curtains and door with button doorhandle) with a hand-painted garden of bluebells: with added different coloured buttons on each tie (bib and waist)
A fun cottage and doesn't it make you smile ?
SORRY this is now SOLD!

It all started as a request to make an apron that would fit - the more reubenesque figure, as all aprons seem to come in just one size only so starting a bespoke line of aprons in SIZES! To fit the small and short and large and tall (or not so tall as the case may be) and the tartan apron was the result - red in it to match her kitchen and multicoloured as she can be a bit messy when she cooks (hope it hides mostof the splashes n paw prints! 
Had to wide enough to really wrap, short waisted bib, no pockets, long ties to reacha round and long enough to cover trousers
AND it fitted and she was very pleased (I think) rest fabric will be made into matching table cloth for her kitchen.

Red, blue, caramel, cream windowpane check apron with co-ordinating blue trim with multicoloured buttons at each tie

Upcycled from a half finished dress - now converted into a reversible apron with pleated skirt onto bib front

So all will have a bib front big enough to cover us up when cooking (in case we are a messy cook) and wide enough to wrap around us (big and small) and in various lengths (shorties and talls)!

Calico apron with cupcake border on bib and hem, with pink grosgrain ribbon ties
All sugar and spice and everything nice for the girly girl

Cream calico apron with 'smoothies' border on bib with co-ordinating red and green ties - extra wide
Shades of summer - cool drinks and smoothies in garden

Cream calico apron with B&W floral borders with co-ordinting crocheted flowers in cream and black with button centers at each tie (bib and waist) - extra wide
An apron for the sultry mysterious chef .................. 
SORRY this is now SOLD!
I have now made a co-ordinating bag for this Apron

They all have adjustable ties on neck with generous waist ties.
All are made with prewashed material - so no fears of shrinkage
Cool wash and iron

Can be made to order to fit you - prices start at £15-25 depending on amount fabric and amount of embellishing - appliques, flowers etc etc

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