Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tiptoe through the Tulips - Bags and cushion cover

Tulip Bags and cushion cover - all cotton 
Calico lining with pockets 

A friend of mine loves Tulips - the same one I made the Artists Bag for (also in tulip material) -which by the way is well used an much admired apparently by those in her art class! 
For her birthday I asked what she would like (mentioning that I had some other tulip fabric that I bought with her in mind .....a bag for my knitting/crochet!

So with some artful measuring n pondering I made these - no measurements 
I did my usual sewing by the seat of my pants method! LOL!! 
I just cut and sewed by the size of the pieces. I had 3 odd sized remnants so cut two pieces and squeezed out the two bags and a cushion cover (that will match her sitting room). 
So she will have a comfy cushion to sit with and knit/crochet or read a book and two matching bags - with different handles and the pattern arranged in different directions - so she knows which is which 
Both bags lined in cream unbleached calico - with pockets 

TUTORIAL - no measurements bag  (well almost  lol)


Some pieces fabric (outer) some calico or other lining material (same amount)
either enough of those scarps for handles or some scraps of something else - easier if there is a selvedge running along the length
the usual cotton/needles/pins etc 

To do this just see what remnants you have that are sort of bag sized  2 pieces that are c16x18" or cut a piece of fabric in half to roughly these measurements
Cut two pieces of calico for lining the same size 
Cut two lengths of fabric for straps - roughly 12-18" long and 3" wide 

OUTER - place the two rectangles right sides together - decide which is the top (dont sew this bit!) 
Then sew down the two sides and the bottom - do it again to reinforce the seam and zigzag edges if you wish 
For sugar bag bottom fold out corners and sew roughly 2-3" in - depending how deep you want the bag 
Just make sure each side matches! 
Turn right side out and press 

LINING  - repeat the same procedure as outer - just make sure its the same size 
Leave inside out! 

Put the lining into the outer and fold down the edge to fit inside the outer bag - and have the edge slightly below the outside fabric 

Press the lengths - fold one third in , fold again so one edge left leaving the selvedge edge on the outside 
Sew down the length securing the edge and again up the other side and again in the middle if needed. 
Cut in half or to required lengths - just make sure each handle is the same length

Take the two handles - measure in 3-4" from the side and pin the handles in place 
Just make sure they match from each side and front and back - just fold teh top of teh bag to double check and check handle lengths are the same 

Pin the bag outer and lining together around the top and sew along the top edge ensuring to catch the lining 
Repeat and sew again just below and a third time if wished - this reinforces the top edge of your bag and catches the handles and reinforces those as well 

Shake out - cut off all threads press and enjoy! 

Not a scrap of fabric left - a real stashbuster 

Lets hope she likes them! 

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