Friday, 6 September 2013


Last Sunday - was a lovely day - sunny breezy
LOTS of people 
The prom was packed with young and old
My stand - NO 56 
Just after Les had set me up 
The first few early birds taking a look whats on offer 

Friends came by and said hello and returning customers came back and bought a few things as well! 
Feedback being that the items they bought as gifts last year were much appreicated and so they came back for more gifts! 
 Estelle Westlake 
Setting up her part of the stall (we shared our pitch) with her latest ceramic pieces 
Behind you can see some of her ceramics on the fencing and some of my aprons and my toddler coin quilt in sunny yellows

I managed before things started to get busy to have a quick look at a few neighbouring stalls 
Jim Nind with his art installation - Bottles in the Sand 
Hundreds of bottles each with a message streaming down the beach towards the sea 
He also had lots of wonderful prints of his colourful work for sale 
Another view of them with some of the beach huts behind 
Tom Moye a Blacksmith with a  sampling of his work
The horse was stunning likewise the copy of the Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon helmet
He had boot-scrapers and other works for sale

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