Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year to All!! - bit late I know - Mea Culpa

Well .........thought I dropped off edge of the planet!

Still alive but barely kicking ---- been very tired (the ME) and then Christmas to contend with and weather - we had to eat what was in freezer for Christmas as I could not get to the supermarkets ............ so between us managed to defrost a pheasant and throw few veggies in oven

House looked super - decorations everywhere and everyone loves my alternative Christmas Trees to follow - and before Christmas the children had made a family of snowmen in the bus shelter on the village green

Its snowing (heavily) at this minute so wonder if there will be another snowman family .......... freezing in the bus shelter

Took down the decorations yesterday - how drear the house is afterwards :-(
Now attacking tax returns and accoutns - double ugh

This was my main Xmas window - well one of them - a pond scene this year with wooden ornaments skating across, tree, music boxes and angels - with various glass cats in the window (all part of my Xmas ornament collection which I have been gathering together for over 30yrs - some date from my childhood and are 50+yrs old)

Manged to make a few things for friends for Xmas pressies (not much this year - just couldnt do it) - curently making an Eva's shawl but with a ruffly edge ............. I have gifted away 2 shawls for Christmas presents (one to Seattle one to Calgary)

This one to Calgary

This one to Seattle

Lets hope they like them!

Meanwhile making this one ......................

Ruffly Eva Shawl

Well better get one with few things .....but will bring my blog up-to-date with latest things been making n doing and lotsa pics

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