Monday, 11 January 2010

A New Scarf and Felted Bucket Bag .............and yet more white stuff ..............................

Yup the snow continues in spates - but rather wet snow as it is all slowly melting
We can see tarmac at last as the packed snow gives way to slush ..... ohhh yes much slush

Been busy designing a new scarf .... now completed as taken me a couple nights crocheting - hurrah!
Its a metre long and comprises a series of interlocking scallops in two shades green shetland wool - just needs to be washed to remove all the oils in it, which also brightens the colours and then it will be nice and soft of before and after to follow
Then to write up the pattern and name it .....any ideas??

There it goes a-twirling around my bannister

The scarf end

The scarf and the two cones of Shetland Wool

Also pics of a small Bag/Tote I finished before Christmas - my friend thought it was a hat .. made it out of odds n ends of Phildar mohair a veritable Stash Buster!

Its a bucket bag - circular bottom with  repeating stripes of random and solids, with a inbuilt reinforced handle - felted so nice and sturdy

Oh and finally rescued the frozen snow covered wash off the line in the garden ................ now in process drying and being ironed ... such fun! ?

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