Monday, 8 February 2010

George Spencer Fabric - hand quilted then beaded wall hanging

Well bit late - sorry but was my birthday this weekend and other such excuses .....
Here is work in progress - a quilted and beaded wall hanging

Here it is unfinished with ragged edges

The work has taken me a month to do - so far
It will go in spare room to act as a headboard. All this work ...just for the spare room!

The fabric is unusual being a print sample of the block from the designer 'George Spencer' - so it is just the one section that would be repeated
I have co-ordinating fabric of the same print in subtley different shades some on cotton,  glazed cotton or on linen so will be challenge - again colour print run samples to make a bedspread or curtains - not sure which yet!

I sadly didnt think to take pics before quilting and after quilting but before beading
But here it is beaded - but not edged yet

I hand quilted each leaf then shadow quilted where the pattern would have been repeated in cream thread, to put it all in context.
Then beaded in co-ordinating colours - green, brown and cream beads - some very kindly given to me by my good friend Diana!!
So many, many thanks Diana ............ certainly added the finishing touches!!
She also pattern tests for me - for my crochet patterns - she a very talented lady who knits, paints, beads, crochets, quilts ..........all brilliantly - a real artist!

More of a close up

Detail - One of the Brown Leaves

Detail - One of the Green leaves

Some the pattern being extended by shadow quilting the leaves with cream beads to put teh printed section in context

I have more fun with odds and ends of fabric than by buying co-ordinated lengths
Just love the challenge of making somehting out of nothing ......................
So give me a bag of scraps and 'hey presto'  something is created

I made a lovely strip quilted pillow out of the trimmings from a pair of curtains - maybe post that tomorrow!

Today it is grey wet and snowing ......... very grismal!

Didnt do anything for my birthday as DH didnt feel v well .......poor chap

Anway at last min he bought me a digital photoframe, as he had no idea what to get me - so now I can upload and look at all the hundreds pics I take! :-)
We did go on Sunday and see the film Avatar - which was v enjoyable but left me exhausted so slept all evening on the sofa ........................ The ME/CFIDS can be the very devil's plague!

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