Thursday, 11 February 2010

More snow

Yesterday woke to dazzling crispy whiteness - liek a heavy dusting of icing sugar and today even more dusting of the white stuff .....between snow showers (when cant see across the green) is sparkling sunshine. Would bizarrely swap from one to other in a moment - one min sunshine next wildly swirling snowflakes ................ All I know is it makes me wilt alarmingly (legs just go)- the M.E.,  and my arthritis complain - bitterly!

Today a BIG BOX parcel arrived from one of my bestest friends - with my wedding album and birthday pressies in!! Underneath all the scrunched up paper of former travel magazines (another story there) Album all scrapbooked with flowers (crocheted and paper) and all sorts text and of course lots pics ..................... I shall of course have to take pics of it and post! Also a bunch scrummy smellies - soaps n bath fizzies from LUSH inculding my fav - Karma! So shall soon be off for LONG hot Soak in lots lovely smellies .................. ideal for my aches n pains
& A handmade funky eggcup with toast rack and spoon rest - which we both saw when Christmas shopping together at a street market .....had totally forgot about that!
So all in all a lovely surprise!!

Now onto more crafty things - thought post something I made last Summer - to remind me of all things bright, warm and colourful ........see I do colour as well.

This is a rug I made for the bedroom - but its in the loo now
I picked out the colours in the fabric (yet to be made into curtains for bedroom) - so its all pinks, peaches, greens, purples and lavenders matching the flowers n leaves in the fabric ( a Chinois pattern of trailing vines and flowers on a black background - in lovely cotton sateen) - you can just see the roll of fabric at top of pic
I need to make another rug but BIGGER

Hot House Rug
Made in carpet wool (80/20 wool) - so should last for many years!

Just made 2 scarves in stripes for sonny-one - black and dark teal (boucle wool so warm n cuddly - like he is) and other in a variegated shades of bright blue (bright n cheery like he is). These for his birthday later this month.

Well better get something achieved for day !

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