Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowmen in Kirton .....................

Snowmen in Kirton - the lads were busy till 4am building snowmen in the bus shelter on The Village Green ......
They were complaining that the snow was not as good as last year!  But seems they did a great job again and totally diffferent 'family' to last year - a real thumbs up!! Well done lads!!  Even at 0600 the early birds wlaking dogs etc were busy taking photographs - I think we are so used to seeing snowfamilies now that everyone looks for them first thing!

Are they not great!!??

While they were busy I decided I had to make a start on Christmas decorations - having been away and ill so much these past weeks - so started on the windows - this is progress so far .............

Sitting Room - one of the three windows in progress
This is all brass ornaments

The side window - not finished yet - still to add the stained glass ornaments of 12 days Christmas
This window is for the children as it faces the road - so they can easily see everything - all childrens things - teddy bears, stockings, ships, carousel animals etc

The Bay Window - A White Stars and Snowflakes Theme
A sort of snow mountain and a frozen pond to the side all with all kinds silver and white snowflakes and icicles with my new starry lights - you can see the snow outside! Will do a pic from the outside

Looking down at part of the window - have 3 kinds white fabric - to give effect of snow and grouped ornaments together - birds, snowmen, houses etc Have to check it looks ok from the outside

The Hall Window with a CAT theme - just for Sonja!
All stained glass - big cats and cat faces (tabby and marmalade cats) with period style pressed and printed cardboard cats in Victorian costumes

Now to do my funky Modern Christmas Trees - and do upstairs windows - they are easy just simple lights and stars
So another days work - plus of course the clearing up!!

Then cards and wrapping presents - can not see me going out shopping in this weather!

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