Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New crafting designs + More snow + new hairdo ...........................

My Halloween Eeenceeweency Spidey waistcoat - I bought an amber silver spider to pin on it (from the Amber Shop in Felixstowe) - looks great!
My design - not too full around - falls neatly in the front so you dont feel swamped! Nice shawl collar and the bottom hangs down to about mid thigh

Spiders Web Circular Waistcoat
The pattern will soon be available for sale on my ETSY website

ALso finshed off my circular monchrome wasitcoat in all shades of caramel and cream - perfect for this seasons Camel coat/skirt/trousers. Neat front and shawl collar - neat shoulderline and circle lower in the back than most other designs and it fits well around the waist

The front of Caramels Waistcoat

The back of caramels waistcoat
Has rows of various textures and stiches to add interest
This pattern will be for sale on my ETSY website

A chambray blue Shawlette - my version of the Klamath Shawl 
Made when returned from USA with dah fluuuuuuuuuuu .............. love the subtle wave pattern and hangs neatly on the shoulders and ties in front or back or side - depending how you want to wear it
A pressy for a friends Christmas Box ......................

Klamath Blues Shawl

So thats the crafting update ............. items and the patterns (so you can do your own thing) will be for sale .......... apart from that more snow is falling and the village looked like a winter wonderland again this evening - see what it looks like tomorrow ...........
Flu still hanging in there - yet more antibiotics from Doc's today ............. O me miserum!

Also toddled across to my favourite jewellery shop - The Amber Shop in Felixstowe - and bought a few goodies - an Xmas pressy - Fergus (the owner) is a really good salesman in that he tells you if it suits you or NOT! That is worth a great deal in my book. Shame he is retiring - great loss to the town in being a truly unique local shop.

Meanwhile new hairdo from 'The Salon' in Felixstowe - we trying for a longer hairstyle - see how it goes can always go back to short in the Summer
She is great does what's right for the person's face/hair/personality rather than what the hairdresser wants . Noted that other customers have brilliant cuts that suit THEM . That is a rare thing in hairdressers when mosta re just keen to do their own thing! So new hairdresser a great find!

Drove there and home in the snow ...very ughy

Well back to quilting - making new cushions for Xmas presents ............... will post pics of them tomorrow
Finished the 3 bears cushion - now backed and ready to wrap up in Festive paper

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