Sunday, 7 November 2010

ETSY Shop set up ..........................SingularOne

Well at long last set up my ETSY Shop  called , of course - SingularOne
Would have put my first item for sale - except it all hung up on me - so shall try again tomorrow watch this space and ETSY!

I shall list my unique designs in crochet and pdf patterns for sale, such as my crocheted
  • Felted bags and flower brooches
  • Tailored circular waistcoats
  • Blankets/afghans
  • Scarves, cowls, neckpieces
  • PDF patterns of my designs so if you wish you can make items yourself
Unique sewn items such as my
  • Small latop/kindle/epad bags with matching accessory pouches (seeing as no-one makes them) ideal for travelling and keeping things tidy and together - so you do not loose all the bits when on the go
  • Hand bag tidies
  • Bed-Hounds - bed tidies for adults and children (ideal when they are ill in bed and to stop them getting bored) keeps crayons, books, paper at hand
  • Memory or My Boy-Friend My-Dad/Grandad cushions - upcycle his old shirt into a cushion that you can cuddle when he is gone - and make 'him' useful to store the remote in or whatever and secret pocket (for a hidden treat). Makes perfect gift - these will be special order
  • School or University cushions - made from short/ jacket/tie or whatever into a momento of your school or varsity days - the shirt cushion can be used for all your pals to sign
Items will be unique and made in qualioty materials - luxury yarns and fabrics
They will be 'one-offs' and so unique - so if you see something you like but wish it in another colour  I will be willing to make it in a similar way but in a different colour or yarn so making it unique 

So watch this space folks!
I will let you know when first item is 'UP FOR SALE'
Please have a look - tell your friends and look forward to hearing from you!

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