Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Teal Missoni Zig-Zag Coat

Front View 
Designed for a customer whom has a narrow back but large bust - lucky girl! 
To be three-quarter in length with cape-sleeves to elbow - which leaves ample room for arm movement and able to wear deep cut sleeves underneath 

Made in pure cotton in a  bright deep teal colour 

Back View
Slim fitting so it flows down the back into the waist and over the hips 

Delivered today and she is delighted :-) 
As am I :-) :-) 

I am so pleased with this design of mine - which is becoming very  popular over the years 
I must remake my stone coloured one which is now over three years old! 
With subtle adjustments in how I make it - it can fit all sizes and shapes and still be flattering
Everyone seems to love how it flows down the back and skims over the hips 

I am now making an alternative version in a bamboo tape yarn - and its looking good - so far! 
Lets hope so! 

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