Thursday, 17 October 2013

Peninsula Crafts Exhibition - Oct 26-27th - WOLVERSTONE ... preview

Exhibition Preview 

Midnight Flowers 
Hand crocheted in pure wool and felted bag 
Embellished with roses and spirals - these are made with pure Aran wool and Jaeger vintage silk-mohair in a gorgeous combination of the teal with a bronze colour that shimmers in the  light 
Now lined in matching moire taffeta - plus lots of pockets, with machine embroidery and magnetic snap closure  

Camellias Bag 
Hand crocheted and felted in charcoal grey Aran pure wool 
Embellished with pure wool flowers in various shades of red with soft green leaves. 
Now lined in Burberry pink taffeta - lots of pockets and divider for a tablet/small laptop - edges finished with machine embroidery 

Mitered Squares 
Hand crocheted and felted pure wool  
Chunky bag! 
Lined in matching brown lining - lots of pockets and finished with machine embroidery 

More pics to come ........................ 

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