Friday, 12 February 2016

Lollo Rosso Shawls in Wendy FUSION - kits available from A Woolly Tail

The New Lollo Rosso Shawl in TARN ROAM FUSION - Wendy 4ply Wool
This lovely 4ply makes a lightweight fluttery shawl ideal for wear throughout the year - perfect over a dress, coat or your favourite jeans ................
Kits are now available from A WOOLLY TAIL in the following 6 stunning colours -
Tarn, Force, Fell, Crag, Heights, and Pike
Each colour-way is a striking blend of colours that are sure to brighten any dark miserable Winter's Day or dull Spring Day!
A versatile accessory that can be worn many ways................
CRAG - ROAM FUSION - Wendy 4ply Wool
FELL - ROAM FUSION 4ply Wendy Wool
FORCE - ROAM FUSION - Wendy 4ply Wool
HEIGHTS - ROAM FUSION - Wendy 4ply Wool
PIKE - ROAM FUSION - Wendy 4ply Wool
TARN - ROAM FUSION - Wendy 4ply Wool
Tarn with an optional beaded edge
A whole range of Lolo Rosso's in various shades 4ply ROAM FUSION
KITS are now available from

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