Friday, 2 September 2011

Beach Huts - Cushions, Lavendar Sachets and Secret Pockets ........

Well Sept 4th only a day or two away now .................... results of this weeks labours in hope people will like them
What do you peeps think???

Hand painted and hand quilted cushions - with vintage buttons in the corners 
Sizes from 14-18"
All in prewashed and ironed cream calico
The two central huts are hanging pockets (secret pcket in the back for keys/ice cream money or even a mobile) 
One is hand beaded  
Both have satin ribbon hanging loops with button trim
Some are named - such as MArram, but others have no name as yet - thought I could add the name people wanted on the day

Lavendar sachets - small,medium and large
All hand made with ribbon loops and hand inked designs
Each one is different and all stuffed with fresh lavendar from my garden and they smell gorgeous!
Designs are:
Lorum Ipsum
Scot's Corner
Birds Nest
Ship Shape

FORGOT to add the wallhanging

This is hand painted, hand quilted and hand beaded.
Padded and mounted for hanging on a board with optional clip frame hangers

Detail of the beading and painting

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