Thursday, 15 September 2011

Re-Create is OPEN!!

Hi everyone  - Re-Create is a great new store that recycles and upcycles all sorts things - plus you can get stationery, glue sticks and all sorts at great prices. In addition they give disadvantaged and disabled people all sorts of jobs which additionally provides them with much needed support and social interaction

This is their URL - go look it will tell you all about it
Plus for a small fee you can become a member and get 50% discont on everything .............. not to be sniffed at (but then neither is their glue - but they only do non-toxic PVA and glue-sticks  - LOL )

Next time I go will take a few pics of the facility and stuff on offer ........................ my favourite place to shop .... ok well after shoes - and they dont sell them :-( !!


  1. What a fantastic little write up thank you so much :)

  2. Thanks Graham - my pleasure
    Such a great enterprise!!