Friday, 23 September 2011

Re-Create of the goodies on offer!!

Well back today to my fav store .......Re-Create and came home with a load of fabric (how did you guess!!)
and some nifty bound books for me to make covers for ............ anyway back to the store and all the great people there.....

These are the bookswith snazzy card covers, in all sizes, with plain card inside - are they not GREAT???
Such fun - and who doesn't need some fun in their lives???

There's Graham (Dah BIG Boss) - and lovely bins of goodies to either side.....

Here they are cutting up my card for my books ............ such concentration !!
These are the people who made my books up and those on the display stand - what a great effort

Card cutting - grommet sorting and CD packing - a wide range activities ........ this is all downstairs

Meanwhile upstairs .....

Graham again - more sorting, chopping and punching - making books and goodie bags of well just useful things .....
such as

reels shiny perforated tape ....

being expertly rolled and bound - with such a cheery smile (made my day!)

here are the raw materials awaiting bundling into pieced lengths ....

ribbons ............all colours

Stationery - envelopes, note books, dividers ...etc

Plastics and all sorts - no not liquorice all sorts sadly :-(

and there are evcn MORE goodies ......................

MORE pics to follow - my laptop just glued up :-(


  1. Another fantastic report Lynn, thank you so much for your support and I hope you are now fully recovered. Graham (big boss man) lol :)

  2. Thanks Graham - here's hoping it goes from strength to strength and is a resounding success for all involved!!
    Watch out for more pics!!