Monday, 14 January 2013

Shawls .................. Lambswool, Shetland wool and Peruvian Cotton

Red Dragon Tail Scarf
7' long asymmetrical scarf in pure lambswool in a lovely brick red colour 
Has an inner curved edge and dragons teeth edging on the outer edge and finished with a red tassle on the pointy end 
My own design 'Dragon Tail Scarf' 

Scarlet and darkest air-force blue shawl 
This is the Juliana Pattern and I rarely use a pattern as everyone knows - but had been wanting to try this one out for ages 

The red is a  really bright pinky scarlet and the blue an inky indigo blue with a lot of grey in it - I had thought it was grey till we had some sunlight! Our weather has been so grey and dark it has been difficult to see colours properly! 
The shawl was meant to be a scarflette to go with a new red and grey dress ......well it didn't quite end up like that - LOL 
It ended up much bigger than planned and the colours are wrong for what I ahd planned - anyway will add some big tassels on the ends and say its done - then put it up for sale ..............?

Peruvian hand dyed mercerised cotton in greens and golds - Auracania 4ply cotton 
The Sprout pattern was the basis for this shawl/scarf but I changed the pattern ( a lot) and added three and four leaf clovers on the trim 

Trying to think of a name ............ Lucky Clover? 
This cotton is a fine 4ply - fine and silky a beautiful quality cotton from Auracania which has been hand dyed in Peru 


  1. New fashion accessories that could be draped over the shoulder came out... but nothing compared to the sleek elegance of pashmina.
    Wool Shawl

  2. Pashminas all great but they slip and slide off the shoulder - these shawls stay put and don't end up wrapped around your ankles!