Tuesday, 29 January 2013

UFO's as in Unfinished Objects ..................

The Chinois Chrysanthemum Tree Cushion 
Hand quilted and beaded with contrast border in cotton sateen 
This was an oddment of fabric I had - just loved the unusual combination of colours the grey, lavender, pink and powder blues, with the terracotta!
Finally finished this off - think I quilted it a couple of years ago and then beaded the following year and now finally made up into a  cushion. 
Only thing is I don't have the right size pad to go in it! 
Feel such an idiot - I could make a wider flange on the edge - then could put in a 20" " or 18" pad ......

Beaded center of the bigger terracotta flower - dark and paler blue beads plus all the hand quilting 

Orange beads in smaller flower - also hand quilted 

The Birds Cushion 
Hand quilted birds and flowers on a buff cotton sateen curtain fabric 
Birds and flowers in greens and rusts 

Detail of the quilted main bird

Detail of the quilted larger flower

Detail of quilting of one of the smaller flowers 
 I also quilted a lot of the tree stems and leaves 

This fabric was given to me by a friend and I had quilted it several years ago and its been languishing in my pile of 'things to finish off' for ages! Years - mea culpa!!!!
Today I am trying to get through some of them and of course start some new things as well! 
Clearing the decks and getting WIPs out of the way ....... for the next pile of WIP's/UFO's - LOL 

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