Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Christmas KAL - Christmas Tree almost done!

Top part completed

Base completed

Back of the top - showing the wedges of the short rows to make the conical shape

You will end up with 12 curly / branch rows and 12 wedges between  - one wedge edge and one curly edge
These will be partially joined then a zip inserted

The base will have 12 sections which will match with each section of the top
Pull nay ends to the wrong side - tie off and weave in for a neat finish
Mark and then sew or crochet them together
If the circular section has ended up a bit small in diameter add one extra row to match up to the top
Then lay out the TOP wedge tree section and cut a piece of card the same shape - to stiffen the tree
Cut a piece of card the same size as the circle
Cut a piece of fabric for lining the tree - one same as the edge and one same as the circle
(If you want you can cut 2 pieces fabric and a piece of wadding the same shape but about 1"/2cms bigger and quilt the pieces together in radiating lines - like the tree branch sections - do 12 rows)
Pics to follow :-)

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