Thursday, 27 October 2016

Dolly II Makeover - in progress

Torso - drying off under the ceiling fan

Legs drying

dehumidifier helping

Head - kept the painted eyes .............. for now anyway
So far she is 'armless - they are to be done ............. bit like spare body part surgery ..
Think the theme for these Mannequins is
'What goes up must come down'
 - seeing as they are made-over with decoupage using the Financial Times
Takes ages to get it right!
Her hair used all the photographs of watches, advertised in the FT
I should have done a 'before' photo - she had a broken neck (that had been badly repaired - all she needed was the Frankenstein bolt in the neck, to be the bride of Frankenstein!! LOL) - lots of chips , scrapes and dents ....poor girl was in a pretty sorry state ................ but starting to look happier now I think ...?

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