Friday, 7 October 2016

Christmas Tree - T B Ramsden CAL

Well I have finally succumbed - doing a CAL - my first!!
Started yesterday on the Christmas Tree (Part 1) and half way through already - quite easy to do :-))
Each week they release FREE a different part am running a bit late here!
Already the tree, and its base, star and holly leaf & berries are already out there some serious hooking to do
I have a flu/virus so tucked up under my blankie snoozing n snuffling n hooking when I can - so a fun project to keep me from feeling too miz :-(((
I am making a few modifications - you know me I always do!
Am making the tree branches in various lengths - just to grade them a little - just a few extra chains or stitches here and there - they are nice and curly!
Also making it with a ZIP so you can open it up and inside can stash some pressies and then after Christmas it can be used to store the decorations inside - well some of them LOL
When I get to that stage I will give instructions on how to do this ................ and other tweaks if people are interested
Also a USA version as I still think in USA terms LOL

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