Thursday, 19 August 2010

Catching up with projects ................. cushions

Well been a long time since updated this - as friends keep telling me - so must mend my ways......

Have not been too good with the ME for some months now - had a few setbacks - but odd good days, which have been great and really kept me going!! ONe day I even felt like my old sparkly self - which was wonderful while it lasted!!!!!
Also hands and bones been giving me great pain - but fighting it off and docs say must keep crocheting to keep hands from getting stiff. So with more new painkillers have been soldiering on .......................

Have caught up with some sewing projects, finishing off various things started years and years ago - shameful
Such as the crazy  patchwork cushion above. I had pieced the front last year  ... it is now trimmed to shape, i.e. a neat square and completed the back - so now a new 12" cushion.

 Ditto ................... this floral cushion I padded and quilted 15 years ago ............ so last week I added some beads in some of the flowers to add some texture and sparkle and finally finished it off - now with co-ordinated backing fabric and hey presto another cushion done n dusted.

The close up highlights the quilting and beading of the flowers. As you can see I had just quilted the central bouquet of flowers and selectively beaded the main flowers - just the central bits to give a bit of definition.

The reindeer - I quilted again many years ago - and finally completed into a square ready for Christmas - used a nifty idea - a white shirt as the button back. May be a Chirstmas pressy for friend or relative - we shall see closer to the time.

The airplanes I quilted last year - for my son (as he is into planes etc) - thought he would like these on his bed .sofa - wherever he wants them - lol.

The chair pad I had completed last year - a pieced front (crazy quilted), framed in moire silk and backed with the same and sits on one of the kitchen chairs.

So those are some of the catch up on cushions ................... more to follow tomorrow ............. as lots of ncatching up to do

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