Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Garden cushions

Decided that I had had enough of  my rather tatty garden seat cushions that I found on Freecycle - so new makeover!

So 4 cushion covers - no tie-ons as planned as each set of chairs has a different back
Also made a bag for them all to go in
a matching cushion with a flanged edge ( to rest my weary head on when zzzzzzzzzzzz'ing int eh garden or reading a book)

This a pic of 'before' - pretty yucky

All these cushion covers were made from scraps brought from ebay - came as 5 pieces of offcuts - a printed linen check
I matched the checks on each set of cushions (because I am a perfectionist)
Had 3 strips left - which made the bag
3 oddments left which made the matching cushion
they ALL fit into the capacious bag - with nice cord to hang it up with when they are not in use
So easy storage

All that was left was a couple scraps and the trims from cutting the corners of the cushions

Now all we need is some sunshine so I can use them in the garden!
G&T anyone....................??

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