Sunday, 29 August 2010

.....more cushions - boring to snazzy!

Take one boring old gold cushion cover (seen behind fancy one) and a couple of fabric sample squares in organdie and hey presto an instant makeover
This one is red and gold one side and brown and gold the other - a summer and winter side
The gold co-ordinating with base colour of cushion - which will show through the organdie

and this is the other side

You just take one old boring cushion in need of an update
Measure it up - in this case 15"
Take two 16" fabric samples
Tip: Centre designs or place pattern in pleasing place
Trim up side edges - and sew a quarter inch in to prevent fraying
I had planned to fringe the side edges -ut being a double faced jaquard it would not fringe at all!
So a nice string edge
But with right fabric you can fringe the edge for a nice finish
Sew top and bottom (French seams to keep it neat and tidy - or zigzag edges or use a serger) to fit sungly around cushion
Then just slide on the slip-cover
Easy peasy!

Just slip off when season changes or you fancy a change - could not be easier!

You can use any fabric that co-ordinates with the base colour of interior cushion cover
Its quick and easy and cheap to do

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