Friday, 27 August 2010

New project - Sleek sophisticated notebook/laptop and accessory cases

One laptop case with co-ordinating bag for power cables
These are made in a double faced damask (upholstery fabric so last for ages) - so have made them so one side is the 'positive' side the other showing the 'negative side.
They are totally reversible with a self fringe - no raw edges as the seams use a french seam
The slipcases are of generous size - so you can tuck in your notes and a pen or two and the tops simply fold over - no studs, buttons or buckles to damage the sensitive screens

You can easily slip out the laptop when you have to put them through the X-ray machines at security gates

Here you can see all the accessories tucked into the bag with plenty of room

Here is the matching set - with ribbon closures
These bags have the same side of the fabric showing on both sides but are tied closed with plain grosgrain ribbons

Both are of the same size - the bigger envelope bags can hold a notebook or an A4 folder or notebook - teh smaller bags can either hold the power cables and mouse or make-up or whatever

Plan to write up a tutorial on how to make them and sell the patterns and finished bags (for those who can not sew)
They will be made in both feminine and masculine colours and fabrics and designed to act as slipcovers for notbooks for travelling and/or to act as dust covers to protect the notbooks/laptops
The accessry bags are seperate so that when you travel the power cables etc do not put any pressure on the sensitive display screens - hence the cases have no embellishments to cause any pressure on the notebook case/screen

Here isa  close up of the ribbon closure bag with notebook inside - the ribbon closure allows for plenty of adjustment in case you need to add in files or use it for another purpose e.g. A4 notebook. papers, magazine, folder, clothes for travel etc

Here I have added a magazine for scale - so you can see the larger of the bags will hold a standard magazine with ease.

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