Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Crochet - Krazy Toy Blanket Pattern

Today is now bright and sunny - but not as nice as yesterday ....... let us hope it continues.

What I shall try and do is add on projects I have done in the past and new ones as I progress - patterns will be posted!

Last night I finished my Fat Bottom Bag, which I had started the day before............ now to felt and line. Below is a pic of where I was the other day ..........

Since then I have made a few flowers to add to it and of course handles - be a bit silly without. So short shoulder length are what I have gone for.
By the way I am also on RAVELRY and ETSY - same username SingularOne (keeps it simple).

Thought I would add something I have made a few years ago - a simple toy blanket I made for a friends grandchild (boy) - for his teddy bear. This was simple to do and made from about 10 bright colours with the predominant colour being white. So ideal for using up all those scraps and odds and ends. Its based on a simple log cabin design with a co-ordinating wide border.
Its an ideal present for a child (think Christmas!), christening present, childs learning project

The photograph is very high resolution - so you can easily see the stitches
Level difficulty: Easy - a beginner project

Materials: odds and ends of about 10 colours with one ball main colour (in this instance white) if you wish to buy - a ball of each colour you want or their favourite colours (hint - let the child pick the colours)
So if a girlie doll blanket - pinks and whites / a boy teddy - probably anything but pink
I used odds and ends of an acrylic in a medium weight

Hook: G or an H - really depends on the wool/yarn used (hint - keep it soft and supple)

Starting square (traditionally is red representing the hearth of the log cabin - I used orange as I didn't have any red and was closest)
Chain 11 in orange
Sc in 2nd chain and in each to end - 10 sc
Sc for 10 rows - end colour and break off
Choose next colour (hint: try to balance the brights, darks and white as you go)
Turn square one turn to right or left, (hint - but whichever way be consistent - so the 'logs' continue in the same sequence)
Log 1
Row1: Take white slip stitich into corner chain 1 and work 1 sc in each row end = 10 stitches
ch1, turn and work 10 sc till end
ch1, turn and work 10 sc till end
So 3 rows (if you want fatter logs do 4 or 5 rows)
End colour (hint - work over colour ends as you go - saves alot of weaving in afterwards!)
Log 2
Take purple and work 1 sc in each row end and each stitch across (so if you have done 3 rows you will ahve 13 stitches
Repeat as for Log 1
Repeat sequence until you have 20 logs

1st row: Start in any corner with white slip stitch and chain 1 then sc around in each stitch - make a sc chain 1 sc in each corner and to join sc in corner (same as where you started) chain 1 and slip stitch into starting stitch (so you have in effect a sc ch1 sc in the starting corner)
End off
2nd Row: Start in any corner and repeat
Continue sequence for as many rows as you want ...........
In this instance 10 rows
Last row finish off and weave in end and any ends you have not enclosed
Finished - now it wasnt that difficult was it ................


  • Instead of going around with the 'logs' you can do them in opposite bands (court house steps)

  • vary the width of logs - so some are fat others thin

  • have light and dark colours grouped on opposite corners rather than evenly distirbuted as I had done

  • theme your colours - all shades blue or pink or green or yellow

  • make 4 squares and then crochet them together - add another border around the 4 squares and you have a matching baby/toddler snuggle blanket

So just be creative - have fun (thats what it is all about)

It really an easy pattern - beginner
You can even use it to teach a child how to crochet their own toy blanket as its a small project

Hope that gets a few people started in crochet - its fun - easy and fast!
Please let me know how you get on/need help etc  - and what you have made
Love to see your finished projects

Now had better get on with my day - morning coffee finished - so bye for now

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