Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lichen Shawl

Well it's getting there - after a long snooze yesterday and feet up in evening finished crocheting it and building it together with additional fillers .............. thnak goodness for safety pins holding the pieces together as I cobbled it together

So ended up with a semi-circular shawl ............brought ALL the ends to one side and been plaiting and knotting them ................. maybe add a few beads etc to brighten it up. Now to wash it ...... anyway few pics below prior to being washed!

This is prior to crocheting together with a surface crochet technique - so no lumpen seams!

All the main pieces set out on our coffee table in drawing room. You can see in the background the HUGE rust/brown/grey Kelim I bought its c 22'x13' and just about covers most of the room - except for a bored around the room - but adds much needed colour in a cold north facing room! Whatever I think its a fabulous rug and so pleased to have found it in a lovely furniture shop (Edwards) in Hadleigh of all places..............

This is the front - all the ends plaited and ready to be knotted etc

A detail of one of the sections with an infill piece

This the reverse side - no ends - but you could wear it/ hang it on the wall whichever side you wanted

Anyway for my first scumble/free form piece of crochet I am thrilled to wash it and then decide if to embroider ends on surface &/or add beads etc ..............

Think maybe I should have made a rectangle - then it could be a walhanging piece of art as well as a shawl - sooo it will just have to hang on the wall as a curved piece then I could have felted it ...............maybe for next piece

I was warned that it would be addictive and certainly is!


  1. Stunning love it love it love it x

  2. Thanks Suz your things as well .so bright and cheery!!