Friday, 18 September 2009

Slugs and snails

Well another Friday and another week has sped by ..........where does all the time go ....I am sure time is speeding up .............

No posts of late due to the ME - spirit and body all wilty and just no spare energy

Missed out on dinner out with girls on Tuesday due to the ME was just sooooooooooooo very tired - crashed out and zzzzzzzzzzz'd - which was a great shame as usually a good night . About once a month we all meet have dinner at a restaurant (arranged by one of us), who acts as host, she  nominates a Charity and we all contribute £10 painless raising of funds - next time another arranges the evening each having a turn hosting evening and choosing charities and as a bonus we have a good night out as well
Such a painless and effortless way to raise funds for charity!
........... Later that same evening I was coping with a flooded bathroom - see below

Book club was a good evening on Wednesday - my turn to host the evening, so all came to my house ........ so chose 'Mr Mani' by A B Yehoshua as the next book to read .... maybe explains why I am sooooooooo tired took me a week to tidy up the drawing room ie remove heaps wool, books, magazines!!

So the freeform work came to temporary halt .......but sort of back on track (bit wobbly) and a few more Jasper blobs rolled off the crochet hook ...including a few fossil look-a-likes - ammonites and a sort of bivalve scallopy thing - soon be  a case of find that fossil!
Still unsure what they will all be assembled as ..................... but fun in the making

Anyway here are a few pics of latest blobs n fossils ..............

As you can see the grass is a bit greener from the 3 month drought - we had one evening of torrential rain - Tuesday. The roads outside were rivers and as the rain washed off the dry moss from the roof = blocked drain which meant water backed up into the bathroom = flooded bathroom. So instead going out to dinner was mopping up the worst. Next day was deep cleaning - including  removing a few interloping snails ready for bookclub and mucking out drians - such a luuuuuvverly task (thank goodness for rubber gloves!). Anyway was one waterlogged event I could have done without!


  1. oh these will go read the post now and see what you are making hehe
    Suz x

  2. Thanks Suz ..your stuff is such fun - colourful and cheerful - an inspiration!