Friday, 18 September 2009

Shelob's Lair ...........aka ..............My New Larder

The other week poor DH was shanghaid into putting up shelves to sort out my chaotic larder - seeing as I hate cupboards - am little so can't see into them!
So poor chap was press-ganged into putting up shelves - well 3 days later I have this now ...........shelves, wine, cookery books, small appliances, a stool for me to peruse aforesaid books whilst imbiing wine plus my Victorian cupboard - all moved in there and everyting visible and in its place. Yeeee haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

The cupboard is full of all my jams and baking supplies in storage containers ................

All my lovely jars and note my vintage Kenwood Chef a working original and I have all the attachements (came  from a pal who got them as a job lot with something else he wanted at an auction - how lucky is that!?)

My red wine - the silver recycling paper bin and big cookery books - the yellow bin one of the bird food bins in neighbouring utility room

My stool - browse recipes with a glass of vino!

The white wine and champers ..................

See all organised - tins/fruit/dry goods in sections ...........

Girlfriend coming this weekend - suspect there will be a few bottles wine less by end of the weekend ................ reminds me better defrost the smoked salmon - we are rather partial to scrambled aggs and salmon in mornings with glass Bucks Fizzzzzzzzzzzz !


  1. I love your space and I love the photos! They are like folk-art. Colorful, comfy, homey, lived-in.

  2. Thanks you so much Melissa
    Brill to have a comment - my very first!
    Glad you like my store room/larder, when I get some other rooms in the house done I shall feel encouraged to post them ......... lots of my work about house - embroidery/tapestry/crochet
    Nice to think someone thinks my house house homey n comfy - we only moved in 2 years ago ...such a lot to do!