Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Jasper - Agate Mark II

It rains its cold, its wet, its grey,its dark, I have all the house lights on its soooooooooooo dark - miserable - so no sitting in conservatory today - be too cold for me
This weather plays havoc with the ME - am all stiff & ache all over - you feel like you are coming down with a bad case of the flu all the time, (so you never quite sure if it really is the flu - let alone anything Swine-ish),  crossed with feeling as if you have been stomped on by a large herd of tap dancing elephants all wearing ginormous pit boots doing it with attitude! Whether they are wearing pinnk tutu's or not is rather irrelvant!!
So crawled into a big deep HOT bath and tried to soak some of the aches away - think I shall have to resort to medication - which I hate

Anyway refuse to moan - just have to get on with it

Meanwhile all things Agate..........Think this one will end up being called Jasper ................. made 3 blobs last nightand a shell. Think I might try felting these ..........don't know yet..... ..thinking about it

These are the wools - cones of shetland - but think have to add some other wools as well as not enough shades but will mean adding mohair and different weights so shall think about it - but its all expermimentation - you win some and loose some

Anyway pics of progress of all things jasper and agatey wondrousness freeformey blobbies

Note the nautilus/ammonite shell - bottom right? Well you have to have the odd fossil or two - have to think of a few others as well

The Ammonite shell has already been washed - see how the fibres have opened out and are more fluffy and the colours have brightened ...?

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